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And we're off! Our Eurotrip begins. In the next 10 days @sandyych33ks and I will travel to France, Switzerland and Italy. #eurotrip #shedoesntlikemyhashtags

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Finally found Manneken Pis after 4 months in Brussels and I witnessed it with my love. Final day in #brussels.

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Made Moules Frites with my love today. Doing Brussels the right way! Could not have asked for a better way to end finals week in Brussels!! #brussels #sandrasinbrussels #iloveher

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One last adventure as a group to the Royal Greenhouses. Gonna miss traveling in a group of 70 and not having to wait in line #countdownhasbegun

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Only on the streets of Brussels will you find a laptop destroyed on the sidewalk. This must be a new form of street art… #brussels #streetart

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Last day of my internship at World Natural Care. It's been a great 3 months here, I learned about their business model and gained the experience of working in an international European business. Had to take a selfie with Greg because this experience would have been a lot different without him. Thanks for all of the rides home after work. #wnc #brussels

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Spent Thursday in Canterbury with Rasma, India and Brendan and I was finally able to take the classic telephone box photo. #england

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Holding down the fort at Haut Koenigsbourg in Alsace, France today.

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Wishing I was back in Jordan exploring the sites and cafes with @sandyych33ks and of course floating in the Dead Sea! Miss you boo. Only a few weeks until we explore Europe together #tbt #jordan

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This pretty much summarizes the last 5 amazing days that I spent with my beautiful baby in Jordan. I wouldn't change my visit if I could. Where did the time go? Now back to Brussels to finish the semester. @sandyych33ks

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